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Laser Ray, Inc. is Long Island’s best way to quit smoking for life. Founded by Mr. Ray Fazzare, Laser Ray has helped many of people break their addiction to nicotine through low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

Before discovering laser therapy for smoking cessation, the founder of Laser Ray, Mr. Ray Fazzare, was a 2+ pack-a-day smoker for over 35 years. After undergoing the treatment to quit smoking and experiencing first-hand the ease and success of Low-Level Laser Therapy, Mr. Fazzare made it his goal to help others break the habit and started Laser Ray, Inc.

Low-Level Laser Therapy has been used for decades in the treatment of a wide variety of conditions. Better than nicotine replacement therapy, laser therapy is a painless and non-invasive way to stop smoking, using only a handheld low-powered laser for external application. One of the most innovative and promising uses for this technology is in helping people overcome their addiction to nicotine.

Emerging science has found many practical uses for laser technology. One of the latest applications is Low-Level Laser Therapy for smoking cessation and nicotine addiction, which early research on effectiveness has been very promising. Similar in practice to acupressure, laser therapy brings together the best of eastern medicine with western technology to help people quit smoking.

When you choose Laser Ray to quit smoking you get much more. Laser Ray combines the effectiveness of laser therapy with proven behavioral modification techniques to also overcome the psychological aspects of nicotine addiction. There is simply no better way to be free for life than Laser Ray!

Laser Ray offers two convenient locations on Long Island. One in Seaford for Nassau County residents, and another in Bayport for Suffolk County residents.